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After looking at thousands of different websites in a variety of different verticals (including the pet vertical that we work in), one thing has become clear to me.

Getting information about a company’s core products and services has become as clear as mud.

We seem to have, for whatever reason, grown so far away from the basics of consumerism- ‘what is the thing’, and ‘how much does that thing cost’, that we just skip past that and drone on about things customers don’t care nearly as much about, like our company history, our ‘why’, how we give back, who we worked for last month, etc.

There is information OVERLOAD online and in social media, and people simply don’t have time to sift through information to find out what you can do for them.

IMHO it’s time that all businesses simplify their messaging and information to make it easy for prospective customers/clients to quickly get what they need.

That goes for our:

  1. Website
  2. Marketing Messages
  3. Social media
  4. Landing pages
  5. Emails
  6. All other tools you use to promote your products and/or services.

If a business wants customers, they should make sure that their products and services are crystal clear, and their website should be able to pre-qualify prospective customers within five seconds.

Here’s what customers care about most:

1) Can you solve my problem?

2) How much does it cost?

3) How do I get it?

I realize that’s oversimplifying it, but if those basics aren’t addressed straight off the bat- literally nothing else your business does matters because they will have already bounced.

IMO, you’ll find the most success if the answers to the user questions above are:

  1. Yes, absolutely.
  2. A price you can afford (not too high, not too low).
  3. By doing this quick and easy thing.

The sad truth is people generally don’t care that much about you or your business.

Because unless you’re a violin repair person or create custom plants for fish tanks, clients/customers have tons of other options and they’ll bounce if you can’t give them what they need right away. (They’ll also bounce if your site takes longer than three seconds to load, so that just gives you an idea of how much patience users have online.)

It’s also important to remember that your products and services are all about your customers, not you or your business.

If it’s hard for you to define your business’ core products and services, forcing yourself to complete this (totally free) 1-page business plan will help. (The $100 Startup book is great too!).

It’s really really hard to do, but oh so worth it.

TL:DR: don’t force your prospective customers to go digging to find out what in the world your business does. 

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