How to Display a Profile Photo in Gmail When Sending Email From a Non-Gmail Domain

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If your business is like many others, you use Gmail to send emails from your non-Gmail domain that represents your business. And you want your Gmail profile photo to appear properly, right?

We’ll use in our example because we specialize in animals. So let’s say the email address we are sending emails from through Gmail is (Maybe your domain is something like We won’t judge.)

One thing that’s awesome about Gmail is that your Google account profile photo shows up next to your email address when sending emails from your Gmail address, (like

HOWEVER, you don’t see the Google account profile photo when you send emails through Gmail from a non-Gmail domain. I’m talking specifically about when you have other email addresses set up under ‘Send mail as’ under your ‘Accounts and Import’ settings in Gmail. Like for example. <– profile photo is shown. <– profile photo doesn’t show.

Instead, when you send email through Gmail from a non-Gmail domain (e.g from your ‘send mail as’ email accounts, like, what the email recipient sees is this:

gmail profile photo by cowbelly media 1

Talk about boring!

Where’s the personality?

If you’re doing your branding right, you want it to be consistent across all your social and communication channels, including Gmail. Sure you may have a great custom signature line, but it shouldn’t end there.

Do you really want a blue person icon representing your business in email?


Here’s the great news. There’s a very simple workaround to get your Google account profile photo to show up when sending emails from a non-Gmail domain!

“What’s my Google account profile photo?” you ask?

This one:

gmail profile photo for cowbelly

By the way, you can totally change that photo if you want.

How to display your Google account profile photo when sending emails from a non-Gmail domain.

Follow these steps exactly to get your Google account profile photo to show in Gmail when sending email from a non-gmail domain. Ex: your domain is, and you use Gmail to send emails from

It’s a quick and easy five-click process. It should take you no more than about three minutes. (Four or five if you’ve been drinking or are sleep deprived. Six minutes if both.)

1 Using your desktop computer / laptop, go to (or in Gmail, click on your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and and click on MY ACCOUNT)

2. Click on PERSONAL INFO on the left side of the page.

gmail profile photo by cowbelly media 2

3. Under CONTACT INFO, click the right arrow next to the email(s). Scroll down to ALTERNATE EMAILS.

gmail profile photo by cowbelly media 3gmail profile photo by cowbelly media 4

4. ADD Your Business / Alternate / New email to the ALTERNATE EMAIL cell. (Note- If you can’t see the ALTERNATE EMAIL tab, you might need to click on ADVANCED OPTIONS button. The alternate emails section is in there somewhere. If you can’t find it, we can’t help you. Try again when you are sober and/or well-rested.)

Here you’ll want to add all the emails associated with your domain that you’d like to send from and have your Google account profile show up. Like, or, or (you get the picture).

Google will then ask you to verify the new email address by sending a verification email to the email address you just added as an alternate email.

gmail profile photo by cowbelly media 5

5. VERIFY the new ‘alternate’ email when it drops into your inbox. Don’t skip this step because the profile photo won’t show up until you do this. And don’t come crying back to us telling is it doesn’t work.

I know, I know, we all hate waiting for ‘verification emails’, and are prone to ignoring them. But don’t do that here, because you will have wasted all your time until this step. And time is your most precious resource that you’ll never get back. Life is short. Cherish every moment. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Chase your dreams. 

Ok sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, see that email below?

Click on that teensy, barely-visible word in the verification email that says ‘here’. Because Google wants to torture it’s users make sure you are paying attention and actually want to do this thing, they’ll make you log into your account (again), even though you’ve already logged in like a hundred times in the last three minutes.

gmail profile photo by cowbelly media 6

6. TEST.

Send an email to anyone with a gmail email address to test it. They should see your profile photo next to your name.

Like this:

gmail profile photo by cowbelly media 7

Ask the recipient to send you a screen shot of what they see to verify that it’s working.


We recently changed our domain name, and had to go through this process again. We completed the steps above just before labor day weekend (September 2nd), and tested it throughout the weekend. BUT, our profile photos didn’t update until around five days after we went through the process above (Tuesday September 6th). (Is there some sort of manual approval process involved on Google’s end maybe? No idea…)

***So if you aren’t seeing your new profile photos immediately, wait a few days and then test again. It should work!***

If you followed all the steps above and waited a few days and it still didn’t work for you, head over to the Gmail Help Community to get personalized assistance. (Please note we have no affiliation with Google or Gmail!)

Did this work for you? Did it change your life? Did it make you swear out loud with joy?

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