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New name, same great company, same creative brand

Like all of the pet brands we serve, we are passionate about ongoing transformation to better meet the needs of both the industry and our modern business focus.

We decided after almost 20 years with the name Cowbelly, that is was time for a change. The name Cowbelly just didn’t suit us anymore.

The new name we chose (and love) is Dogling Creative™.

Dogling= the marriage between darling and dog.


Dogling: noun

dogling (plural doglings)

  1. A little or young dog; a puppy. 

The word dogling was used instead of puppy up until the early 1900’s.

Why did we ever change this, when the word dogling is so much cuter?!

Creative = everything we do.

Dogling Creative™. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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About Us

Dogling Creative™ (FKA Cowbelly) is a creative, web and design agency that provides commercial animal photography, stock dog and cat photos, graphic design, branding, web design, copywriting and other services to pet-industry businesses and brands.

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