Branding // Business Naming

Analoggers logo2

Brand: Analoggers

Business Type: Film photography education

Agency: Client-direct

Location: Virtual

Services Provided:


    A great concept for a passionate community but no cohesive branding.

    While we specialize in pets, we’re no stranger to the photography industry, having been in it for the better part of two decades.

    We always enjoy working with photography brands. 


    A simple brand style guide, which included simple brand discovery, logo, submark, color palette, favicon, fonts, branded stock photos and simple brand style guide. 

    We also created a t-shirt that was inspired by the iconic pencil design. 

    Biggest challenge:

    Sourcing (digital) photos that were made from film.

    Best part of the project:

    Looking through all the gorgeous film photos! There’s something magical about film compared to digital.

    Analoggers hero logo
    Analoggers brand elements
    Analoggers mood
    parents darkroom
    vintage camera light
    analoggers fuck photoshop t shirt
    vintage pentax
    film strip silhouettes
    film stocks cover
    polaroid snaps

    Does your photography education platform need new branding?