Cowbelly 2021

Branding // Web Design // Copywriting // Photography, ETC.

“We have outdone ourselves.”


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Brand: Cowbelly® (that’s us! or rather, that was our old name for 19+ years)

Business Type: Creative, design and web agency for pet brands

Agency: None

Location: SD, CA HQ

Services Provided:


    We have changed our name from Cowbelly® to Dogling Creative™ since we transformed our branding in 2021.

    Read about our name change here.

    We simplified our logo but kept the brand colors, which created a nice colorful rainbow effect using gradients. 


    We were suffering from a severe case of ‘cobbler’s children has no shoes’. While we were busy helping clients look great, our own branding and website were a hot mess and in desperate need of transformation.


    1. intensive brand discovery to flesh out a transformed brand
    2. a new 50+ page Brand Identity Guide to inform every aspect of the brand
    3. complete overhaul of the website (all 65+ pages!)
    4. new branded images
    5. new copywriting
    6. new processes
    7. and a whole new way of approaching business

    There wasn’t a single aspect of the brand that went untouched.

    The whole project took close to a year from start to finish.

    Biggest challenge:

    All of it.

    Ask any creative agency and they’ll tell you that doing work on their own brand is the hardest work they’ll ever do.

    Best part of the project:

    Seeing the total brand transformation upon launching the new website, after all the behind-the-scenes work that preceded that moment.

    That was an incredible feeling of accomplishment!

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    Cowbelly 2021 brand board 1
    Cowbelly 2021 brand board 2
    Cowbelly 2021 brand board 3

    Ready to totally transform your pet brand?