Four Off The Floor

Branding / Business Naming

“Your team’s ability to turn a concept into a tangible brand is nothing short of magic. Thank you so much!!”

-Thomas Leson- Four off the Floor Owner

four off the floor pet business logo

Brand: Four Off The Floor

Business Type: Canine enrichment & play blogsite

Agency: Client-direct

Location: Virtual

Services Provided:


    The startup blogsite had the content and concept for the site, but needed a name and some simple brand visuals.

    Canine enrichment and play is a hot topic these days. Who doesn’t want their dog to be happier!


    A simple brand package + business naming service to get the new pet business up and running.

    Business naming: we set out to create a fun and catchy name that was relevant to the concept- dogs having fun.

    We visualized a dog jumping up for a toy, or excited to see their owner, or playing fetch in the park.

    So the ‘four paws off the floor’ concept was born.

    Brand visuals: we did some ‘quick & dirty’ brand discovery to determine who the market was and what the messaging should be for the new blogsite.

    We wanted to do something more innovative and creative than the typical green and brown seen on most dog-related websites with similar topics, so we used a color scheme of blues and tan, with a little punch of deep berry.

    The fonts are easy to read at a glance, and the custom graphics we designed are simple and familiar.

    Biggest challenge:

    Coming up with a tag line that would be appealing to pet owners, but still straightforward and powerful enough for great SEO; the most critical part of the new site.

    Best part of the project:

    Finalizing the fun and catchy business name.

    four off the floor pet brand logo
    fotf pet brand color palette typography
    four off the floor branded photo
    four off the floor pet brand logo icon
    four off the floor pet logo business card stack mockup
    custom pet brand graphics
    Dozer flying
    twitter four off the floor mockup
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    Does your pet business need a new brand?