Photography // Retouching

” These photos are a HUGE upgrade from what we’ve had in the past.”

-Erik Yeager -Art Director at Bailey Brand

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Brand: Frontline

Business Type: Flea & Tick products for companion animals

Agency: Bailey Brand Imaging

Location: Los Angeles

Services Provided:


    The brand was launching new product lines internationally, but their existing images were stuck in the past, and lacked the happy, engaging emotion of Cowbelly’s typical imagery. Their images felt ‘stocky’ and they needed something new.


    A photo shoot to produce multiple angles of 40+ dogs and cats to be used on multiple product lines sold worldwide.

    Biggest challenge:

    Photographing over 40 animals in studio in just four days!

    Best part of the project:

    1) Working with an agency who truly understood everything that went into producing such a challenging shoot.

    2) Seeing the results of our collective hard work come to life ‘in the wild’. (See tearsheets below.)

    We love providing commercial animal photography services to pet brands big and small alike.

    frontline by cowbelly media

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