Kriser's Natural Pet

Photography // Retouching

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you guys. You gave us 200%…. and I so appreciate that. Thank you for being so organized and thoughtful and focused”

-Leigh Rodwick -Marketing Director for Kriser’s Natural Pet

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Brand: Kriser’s Natural Pet

Business Type: U.S. boutique pet store chain

Agency: Client-direct

Location: Santa Monica and Venice CA

Services Provided


    The brand was expanding rapidly to new stores and acquisitions around the country, and was lacking a quality image catalog to pull from to use for new marketing efforts associated with those new stores.


    A photo shoot to produce a catalog of images of actual customer dogs in the Los Angeles area that could be used for a wide variety of different marketing and advertising stratgies associated with the brand’s expansion.

    Biggest challenge:

    Narrowing down the model selections from so many amazing animals.

    Best part of the project:

    #1: Working alongside an art director who was also a top-notch producer! Her organization meant we were able to forego a producer on this shoot, and the whole production still ran very smoothly.

    #2: Shooting at some of the coolest locations in Southern California. Venice is one of our favorite places to shoot, so we couldn’t have been happier!

    We love providing commercial animal photography services to pet brands big and small alike.

    Krisers Kenneth Hahn WEB 241
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    Tearsheets of our Kriser’s Natural Pet photos ‘in the wild’.

    krisers natural pet by cowbelly media
    krisers tearsheet

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