Photography // Retouching

” Madly in love with the shots! Brilliant job on this shoot…you guys have really managed to capture the authentic and candid dog moments that we’ve been talking about.”

-Dave Griftin- global marketing director for Mars Pet Care

pedigree logo

Client: Pedigree

Business Type: Dog food and treats

Agency: Bluehaus

Location: San Francisco

Services Provided


    The brand’s imagery was stuck in the past. With most alternative food options using much more modern imagery, the brand was in the early stages of reconsidering a refresh.


    A photo shoot to produce a catalog of various images of a variety of different dogs in different settings that would help influence the brand’s photography direction moving forward.

    Biggest challenge:

    Narrowing down the best locations among an endless variety of incredible options in San Francisco.

    Best part of the project:

    #1: Working alongside an art director who saw our vision and allowed us the freedom to do what we do best ended up with us producing some of our best work.

    #2: Working with the dogs! All the dogs on this shoot were regular pet dogs, and we got lucky with both amazing dogs and incredible owners.

    We love providing commercial animal photography services to pet brands big and small alike.

    An inspiring note about Mars Pet Care, the company that owns the Pedigree brand:

    Globally in 2020, Mars Petcare provided over 6.5 million pet meals, worked with 223 NGO’s across 35 countries supporting pets and pet owners, and benefited more than 600,000 pets with its donations.

    The brand even has a new program where prospective new pet owners can have meet & greets with adoptable dogs over Zoom.

    Their business ethics match perfectly with Cowbelly’s mission to give back to needy pets. 

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