The Image Crafters

Branding // Web Design // Copywriting // SEO

image crafters logo

Brand: The Image Crafters

Business Type: Photography education platform

Agency: Client direct

Location: Virtual

Services Provided:


    The Image Crafters had a product and built a following before they had a fully fleshed out brand or a website. They used the power of Facebook to build their following and their mailing list in order to prove the demand existed before diving in with both feet. (Smart!)

    Once they had proven their concept, they were ready to commit to a forever brand and website.


    New business name (formerly ‘Commercial Photographer’s Resources’), Standard Brand Identity Package, copywriting, email funnel design & creation, ecommerce store, and graphic design to showcase the digital products.

    We even designed some cool merch!

    Biggest challenge:

    Trying to determine how to visually feature intagible (digital) products in an e-commerce store.

    Best part of the project:

    Designing masculine branding that that still appeals to female photographers through the beautiful blue color palette we chose.

    Most photography education websites use black and grey, and we wanted something more unique and innovative, and less harsh. We added a pop of red that’s evocative of the red elements found on high-end camera lenses.

    Although our primary focus has always been pet-related businesses, we are always happy to provide services to photography-related businesses as well, since we’ve been in the industry since 2003, and know it well!

    Does your photography education platform need new branding and web design?