The Sophisticated Dog

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Thank you SO MUCH! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help in this difficult time. I’m very happy with the work you’ve done.

-Irith Bloom -The Sophisticated Dog owner and trainer

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Brand: The Sophisticated Dog

Business Type: National Virtual Dog Trainer

Agency: Client-direct

Location: Virtual

Services Provided:


The owner of The Sophisticated Dog came to us during the most unfortunate of circumstances.

Her web designer, a mutual friend of Cowbelly’s who we all knew and loved, passed away unexpectedly, just weeks before the launch of the new Sophisticated Dog website she had been working on.


In a haze of grief, the team dove in and got to work to finish the web design, implement events functionality, do all the other pre-launch tasks and finally- migrate the site to the live environment.

We like to think that our web designer friend would be proud that the work she did is now seeing the light of day, and finishing the site she began was an honor for us.

Biggest challenge:

Locating passwords, finding files, and deciphering customizations.

Best part of the project:

Taking a project that we didn’t start through to completion, and seeing it ‘live in the wild’.

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