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We’ll have both custom video and stock video options available for pet brands of all sizes.

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Cinemagraphs Portfolio

Enchanting, scroll-stopping motion

If this animated dog image got your attention, imagine how your audience will feel when they see cinemagraphs like this on your own social channels!

We shoot dog and cat videos specifically for cinemagraph design, and we are the only agency in the pet industry who offers custom dog and cat cinemagraphs.

Video and cinemagraphs are a VERY powerful advertising medium (resulting in a 7x higher CTR!). And when you add pets in the mix they are even more engaging. Did you know that even non-pet companies use animals in their advertising efforts?

SO, are you using pet videos and cinemagraphs in your marketing? If not, let us create moving dog and cat visuals that will knock the fur-covered pants off your customers and fans.

This gallery represents just a few examples of the cinemagraphs we can create for your pet brand.

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Due to the complexity of creating videos and cinemagraphs, all video and cinemagraph projects are custom-quoted.

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Custom Cinemagraph Alternative

Don’t have the budget for a custom cinemagraph? Consider licensing one of our stock Cinemagraphs, with prices that start at just $499.

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