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Web Design

Be seen, be heard, be loved

Take your web presence from good to awesome.

A great-looking, responsive website is non-negotiable in this day and age for any kind of pet business.

Having a sleek new modern home for your pet brand can skyrocket your brand awareness and conversions. If your pet business’ website is still stuck in 2002 we can help you with it.

We’ll transform your website, landing pages and emails to make you gorgeous, professional and trustworthy, so you become the easy choice for pet lovers everywhere.

“Absolute pleasure working with you! Incredible communication the whole way through. I’m so in love with the website.”

-Kelly Miller -Hairypants owner

Additional Web Services

We can do a variety of different things for you to help with your digital and web presence. Let us know what your business has been struggling with and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.


Landing Page Design

Landing pages are also known as ‘sales pages’. Why? Because they remove all other options and force the user to focus only on the content on the page. They can be tricky to design right, but when done well can be very powerful in swaying consumers to buy / book / subscribe / etc.


Website Opt-in Design & Setup

Want your website visitors to subscribe to your email list? You do this with an opt-in. (A little form placed on your website, linked to your automated email newsletter.) Have us design pretty and functional opt-ins for you that help you grow your list.

Giveaway Page Setup

Everyone loves winning. Giving things away can be the fastest way to grow your email list. Let us create a beautiful and engaging giveaway page for you so you can focus on giving away fun stuff and watching your subscriber rate grow.

Ecommerce Setup & Product Creation

If you have digital or physical products, and/or set-priced services, having an ecommerce store is a must. It takes the manual labor out of selling, and enables you to make money in your sleep. Whether you have one product or 100, we can set your store up for you. Setting up ecommerce can be complicated and challenging. Let us deal with that for you.

Performance Optimization

What’s the use in having a pretty website if it loads slowly? Google hates slow loading sites, and you know who else does too? Customers. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to fully load, you need this service. A fast-loading website = better SEO, more time spent on site, lower bounce rates and more conversions.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Is your lovely website sitting in the corner collecting dust? Do you listen to the crickets waiting for the traffic to come in? Having proper SEO set up on every page, every photo and all copy will get you out of that rut, drive customers to your website and help you get found by the people who matter the most- your future customers.

Email Template Design

Let us fancy up your email newsletter templates to make them a true representation of your brand, and be responsive on mobile, where many people check emails these days. First impressions are everything with marketing. Make yours a good one.

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Website Audits

Find out if your website is working for or against your business. Learn about the hidden things (and not so hidden things), that are preventing you from more success online.

How about a little inspiration?

After having scores of different styles and designs of websites since launching Cowbelly® in 2003, in 2021 we underwent our biggest web transformation thus far.

Our team spent a year overhauling everything, and every single thing you see on the site, (with the exception of the little animated sparkles) at the bottoms of the pages, was created by us. 

You can read all about it on our project page, and hopefully get excited about your own transformation.

Ready to transform your website?