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Find out if your website is working for or against you

Our WordPress Website Audit Service

Helping your website shine every day of the year. 

Is your WordPress website working for you?

Or do you feel like it’s working against you, or worse, it’s sending cricket chirps back your way?

If you are here, it means that you know that it needs something. But what?

Have us do a website audit for you and we’ll find out!

We’ll uncover all the ways your #1 marketing asset (your website!) can be improved to make it really work so much better for your business.


The value of a website audit

Uncover hidden roadblocks and problem areas

It’s frustrating to find out much later on that a resource, button, product, etc that you worked hard to place on your site can’t even be clicked / downloaded / accessed to begin with. It’s invaluable to learn where the roadblocks are for your users.

Learn why your inquiries are low

Websites often have so much content, that the bigger picture is missed. How do you get users to take action and do the thing you want them to do? Without doing the thing, you don’t have much business. This one little issue can make or break a business. Having us analyze your calls to action and overall conversion efforts can revolutionize your sales funnel. 

Get objective feedback on your branding visuals

If you are like most businesses, you’re too close to your business to see your branding visuals objectively. Or worse- you don’t even have any! Cohesive visual branding is one of the most critical aspects of a website. When we analyze your branding visuals it could completely transform the future of your business.

Find out if 63% of website users can even see your site

Google is now a mobile-first search engine, because mobile website browsing has now surpassed desktop browsing (63% vs 37% for desktop). If 63% of website users can’t even properly access your business’ site, you definitely want to know about it!

Find out if the content you work hard to create is even effective

Hire us to evaluate your website content efforts and it could save you hundreds of hours of wasted time creating content that users can’t find, don’t see, or worse- don’t care about.

Basic WordPress Website Audit



For websites that already have solid branding (visuals and personality/voice and copywriting) and a content marketing plan, but need all of the technical aspects of the website looked at.

We look at everything but the design, branding, copywriting and content. (See below for complete inclusions.)

We’ll deliver your audit results to you in a detailed Google doc that you can comment on, ask questions about and get clarification on our findings.

Deluxe WordPress Website Audit



For websites that are lacking in branding visuals, content, content marketing, and copywriting, and need to have the design, layout and all of the technical aspects reviewed in depth.

We look at everything on your site to get a complete picture of how it’s working for you. (See below for complete inclusions.)

We’ll deliver your audit results to you in a detailed Google doc that you can comment on, ask questions about and get clarification on our findings.

Both Website Audits Include


Performance Evaluation

Desktop and mobile speed tests for the homepage of your website*. Here we find out how quickly (or slowly!) your website is loading, and see how those load times may be impacting your user’s experience and your SEO. Includes performance report PDF. 

SEO Evaluation

Includes checking photo alt tags, in-content keywords, title tags, and all SEO meta on your site’s homepage*, plus a general sitewide Google SEO meta title and description check. What good is a website if it can’t be found in a Google search? We’ll let you know if yours can.

Google Search Console + Analytics Check

Here we check for traffic flow, SEO insight, and Google’s mobile usability reports. We’ll look at where the blockages are on your site, and find out what your average bounce rate, popular pages and time on page is. Does Google love you? We’ll let you know. 

Plugin Evaluation

Plugins play a major role in how well your website is working for you, in a wide variety of different (and very important) ways. And badly-behaving plugins can wreak havoc on all of your efforts. We’ll determine which of your plugins are good and what really ‘gots to go’.

Hosting & Server Evaluation

The performance of your website depends a great deal on the quality of your web host. How slow / fast / mediocre is the web host you are using to host your site? We’ll find out.

Functionality Evaluation

Does the stuff on your website actually work? Buttons and links, pop-ups, optins, etc. We’ll check to see if anything is broken, or just not working as it should. 

Responsiveness / Device Check

Is your website displaying properly on commonly-used devices? We’ll test your site’s homepage* on desktop browsers from 1024 px – 1920px, tablets and mobile browsers.

Theme Evaluation

Just like plugins, your theme plays a huge role in the functionality and effectiveness of your website. We’ll evaluate your theme to see if it’s elevating your content, or detracting from it.

The Deluxe Website Audit Also Includes


Content Evaluation

What kind of content are you using and how? Do you have enough? Do you have any in-depth SEO-filled articles on your site, and/or enough written words on your important pages? We’ll take a look.

Branding Visuals Evaluation

Here we take a look at the visual aspects of your brand, including design + colors + font evaluation. Is your site basic and boring or is it filled with your glorious and memorable branding visuals?

Branding Voice Evaluation

We’ll assess whether your brand voice, personality and business process fits with your business. Is the copy on your website speaking not just your language but your customer’s language too?

CTA Evaluation

Is your website ‘hooky’ enough? Does it have strong CTAs? (Calls to action.) Are you actively leading your site visitors through a sales funnel, or are your efforts at sales falling flat? We’ll find out.

Website audits don’t include:

  • Any theme or plugin updates
  • Any theme or plugin installation
  • SEO work
  • Performance optimization
  • Site migrations
  • Hosting
  • Website fixes
  • Broken code or error diagnostics
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Google Search Console errors fix
  • Redirects setup
  • Design work or branding work
  • Content creation (text and/or photos)
  • Any other services not outlined above.

Important Notes:

*Additional pages can be added for an additional fee.

**Your audit fee is non-refundable if you choose not to move forward with any suggested work, but 50% of it is applied to your project fee if you decide to hire us to do any of the work we recommend.

Upon request we’ll send you a proposal of the work we recommend following the website audit if you’d like to get an estimate for the cost of us doing that work for you.

At that point you can choose to do some, all or none. It all comes down to how much you and your prospective clients and customers value your website.



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